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Vitamin D

Truth DNA provides Vitamin D injections and IV Vitamin D drips to treat vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D is commonly known as the nutrient that comes from the sun. Actually, the nutrient comes from our bodies, but its creation is activated by sun exposure. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient, but many people don’t know why. If you wonder about the benefits of vitamin D or how to get vitamin D, then you may also be interested in learning about vitamin D injections offered by IV Vitamin Therapy.

Benefits of Vitamin D

There are several benefits of vitamin D. It plays a vital role in several bodily systems and is known to aid in heart health, bone health, brain health, and immune system health. Vitamin D deficiencies are more common than people realize. People at risk for vitamin D deficiency include those who work indoors, work nights, or maintain a poor diet. Most people are deficient in vitamin D due to the fact that we don’t obtain the daily vitamin D levels we require.

How to Get Vitamin D

Most of the vitamin D required is obtained from the sun. Exposure to the sun will activate the body’s vitamin D-producing system. It is recommended that we receive thirty minutes of direct sunlight a day. Unfortunately, most people do not and when levels become deficient it is difficult to raise them by sunlight alone. Some people spend too much time in the sun, which can be damaging to the body in and of itself. The nutrient can be found in food, but medical experts agree that many adults don’t get all of the nutrients their bodies need on a regular basis. Some people choose oral vitamin D supplements, but these may not be as effective to raise levels to optimal levels without prescription-strength vitamin D or vitamin D injections or IV Vitamin D drip. The problem with consuming vitamin D in pill form, and even in the form of food, is that these methods of introduction require the digestive system to play a part. This isn’t ideal because the digestive system degrades the potency of orally consumed nutrients and only allows a small percentage of nutrients consumed orally to enter the bloodstream. Once your levels become deficient you will require high-dose vitamin replacement to bring your levels to optimal levels.

Vitamin D Injections

Perhaps the most ideal way to boost vitamin D levels once found to be low is by vitamin D injections or IV vitamin D therapy. Injection of vitamin D intramuscularly or via IV into the bloodstream offers several benefits that oral consumption of nutrients can’t offer. For example, vitamin D injections or IV vitamin D enter the bloodstream at full potency. Since the stomach and liver can degrade the potency of orally consumed nutrients, injecting the nutrients intramuscularly or into the bloodstream bypasses the need for the stomach and liver and allows the patient to get higher absorption levels.

Contact our office today to check your vitamin D levels or if known to be deficient obtain vitamin D replacement therapy.

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