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Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a member of the B complex of vitamins. If you’re looking for information on the benefits of B12 injections, where to get the best B12 injections available, or how much vitamin B12 is best for your body and health goals, look no further than IV Vitamin Therapy – a full service and upscale medical office offering a long list of vitamins available for injection, including vitamin B12. We also provide injections of vitamins in home for patients who would like to have a nurse come to their house for injections.

Benefits of B12 Injections

Depending on your health goals and history, there are several known benefits of B12 injections. In older patients, vitamin B12 can be prescribed to fight against pernicious anemia, a type of anemia which is caused by a deficiency in vitamin B12 and that is typically found in seniors. B12 has also been used as a memory booster in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Other serious conditions which vitamin B12 has been prescribed for include Lou Gehrig’s disease, multiple sclerosis, lyme disease, kidney disease, and AIDS, just to name a few. When prescribed to individuals with these serious conditions, vitamin B12 has been shown to help manage and alleviate many of the symptoms associated with these conditions. B12 can also help boost memory, energy, and mood in patients who are already healthy.

Best B12 Injections

For people who are interested in vitamin B12 injections, there may be some concern over whether or not they are receiving the best B12 injections that they can get. Rest assured that IV Vitamin Therapy offers IV vitamin injections made from some of the best ingredients that the medical industry has to offer. As an upscale medical provider, we offer only the best to our patients and clients.

How Much Vitamin B12 is Needed?

Since every patient is different and requires different levels of nutrients, a physician should conduct a consultation to determine how much vitamin B12 would be appropriate to prescribe. After an initial consultation, a physician may prescribe an injection of vitamin B12, or a cocktail of nutrients that contain vitamin B12, like the Myers’ Cocktail, which is often prescribed to healthy patients as a preventative measure against a host of conditions and illnesses, and as a general promoter of good bodily health.

Vitamin B12 Injection for Weight Loss

Vitamin B12 injections have been shown to rev up the metabolism and aid in weight loss. Patients usually receive vitamin b12 injections on a weekly basis for four to 6 weeks.

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