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Where Can I Get a DNA Test for USA Immigration?

Per USCIS and other agencies’ requirements, a laboratory providing immigration DNA-testing services for individuals seeking to come to the United States must be AABB-accredited. As an AABB-accredited testing facility, Truth DNA meets these stringent requirements and completes thousands of these important tests each year, with results ready in as little as 2 working days after samples arrive at the lab.

With a phone call and a partial payment, our immigration case specialists go to work for you, quickly coordinating DNA collection at the foreign embassy or consulate of the tested family member. With over 5,000 DNA-collection facilities in all 50 states and 160+ countries, we schedule appointments at locations most convenient for each tested party. Call today for a free confidential consultation. 888.995.4DNA

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AABB-Accredited Immigration DNA Testing


DNA Testing Results For:

Getting Started


The First 3 Steps

  1. You receive paperwork from USCIS or other agency that requests DNA evidence of a relationship between the petitioner and beneficiary

  2. Contact Truth DNA by telephone to initiate DNA test, providing contact information for each person to be tested

  3. Send/Fax to Truth DNA a copy of the USCIS or other paperwork requesting testing

Results are completely confidential, and your private genetic information is never shared with or sold to outside parties. 


See our privacy policy here.

AABB Process for Immigration DNA Testing

  • Truth DNA schedules the petitioner’s DNA-collection appointment in the USA

  • Petitioner’s DNA sample is collected

  • Truth DNA ships a DNA collection kit to the U.S. embassy/immigration office in the beneficiary’s home country

  • Embassy/immigration office collects the beneficiary’s DNA sample and ships the samples back to Truth DNA

  • Once testing is complete, we send the legally defensible (chain of custody) test results and a clear explanation of the results to the proper immigration authorities and the U.S. petitioner


DNA Testing.

When you need a DNA test for immigration to the USA, the experts at TRUTH DNA are ready.

More about this Test

Upon receiving all the needed samples, the immigration DNA test is completed in as little as 2 working days, depending on the type of test performed.

Why Choose TRUTH for USA Immigration Testing?


Having served thousands of families, Truth is one of the most trusted immigration testing laboratories in the world, and our team is ready to help you too. 


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