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Drug Testing

Truth DNA Diagnostics offers laboratory-based (with MRO review) urine drug and alcohol testing and instant drug testing. We offer many different urine panels, including the 5 panel, 10 panel, Expanded Opiates (commonly abused prescription drugs), alcohol, EtG, K2 Spice, performance-enhancing drugs, and more. We also offer instant drug testing panels with negative results reported the same day. Most urine drug test results are reported within 24-72 business hours after the collection has been completed. 

  • Employee drug testing

  • Probation

  • Legal cases

  • Court-ordered testing

  • Divorce

  • Custody

Urine drug testing is the only testing method approved for federally-mandated drug testing and is the most common choice for employee drug testing, due to its ease of use and affordability.

Truth DNA Diagnostics is conveniently located in almost every city in the United States, with more than 20,000 locations nationwide, making ordering and completing your urine drug testing easy.

What You Need to Know About Urine Drug Testing

Drug Testing With Urine

Drug testing with urine screens the specimen for a wide variety of illegal and prescription drugs, including opi. Urinalysis is painless and fast (even providing immediate results), and it has a detection window of about 72 hours.

Let's look at these details a little more.

Urine Drug Testing

Urinalysis drug screening has about a 72-hour lookback period, although it can detect drug use up to one week prior. This is especially helpful for employers who are concerned an employee might have drugs in their system. Even if they don't "feel" impaired, they could still technically be under the influence, and thus a risk for the company.

It's Difficult to Cheat

The only way an individual can distort their urinalysis drug screening test results is to consume an excessive amount of water before testing. People will do this in an attempt to "flush out" their system. In some cases, it may produce a dilute test result. A positive dilute test always means the individual tested positive, despite it being diluted. If the results show a negative dilute, the next step depends on the employer's drug-free workplace policy. Some employers will opt to redo the test.

There Are a Variety of Urine Drug Tests

Whether you want a 5-panel drug test or would like something more expansive, like our 16-panel drug test, we have something for you. Truth DNA Diagnostics can even customize a panel that specifically meets your needs.

Urine Drug Tests Can Provide Immediate Results

Instant urine drug testing, also known as the point of collection testing (POCT), tests the specimen in the same location where it was collected from the individual, offering a more convenient and timely experience. Testing takes just a few minutes, and negative results are returned the same day. Should results be inconclusive and need further testing — which happens a mere 5% of the time — the new results of typically returned within two to three business days. Instant drug testing is available with our standard 5-panel drug test or 10-panel drug test.

Your test results are always confidential and secure, and they'll immediately be sent to you by your choice of e-mail, fax, or US Mail.

Instant urine drug testing is suitable for:

  • Pre-employment drug testing

  • Court-ordered drug testing

  • Drug tests for probation

  • Drug testing for child custody cases

  • Random drug testing

  • Testing teenagers

You Can Add Expanded opi to Your Panel

Our country is in the middle of an opioid epidemic, and the workplace is no exception to the rule. Drug abuse at work is an increasingly alarming problem, costing employers tens of billions of dollars each year.

Because of the risks involved in workplace drug use, Truth DNA Diagnostics offers expanded opi for our standard urine drug test panels — such as our 11-panel drug test with expanded opi, for instance. This means we can additionally screen for heroin, codeine, morphine, hydrocodone, and hydromorphone. Because opioids can, under certain circumstances, be responsibly used with a prescription under the watchful eye of a medical professional, our medical review officer (MRO) — who reviews and verifies all drug test results for accuracy — will confirm if any positive test results are a result of prescribed drug use.

Contact TADNA For All Your Testing Needs

Truth DNA Diagnostics is here to help you with any and all of your urine drug testing needs. This includes:

  • Scheduling all testing

  • Collecting specimens

  • Managing random drug testing

  • Returning results back to you with our cloud-based software

We can schedule your urine drug test in one of our local drug testing centers with just one phone call. Also, because Truth DNA Diagnostics is nationwide, with more than 20,000 locations, our rates are typically lower than other testing labs. Our professional team of drug test consultants is available to help, so for more information or to schedule your urinalysis drug screening, call Truth DNA Diagnostics at 888.995.4DNA

Urine Testing

Urine Testing
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