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Unusual Sample Viability Test

TADNA can process various types of samples for DNA testing: Buccal swabs, FTA blood cards, and fresh whole blood are considered standard samples. Samples other than standard samples are considered "unusual samples" and must be processed through a viability test to determine if there is sufficient DNA to proceed with a paternity or other type of relationship test.



Turnaround Time

  • Five (5) business days from receipt of samples


NOTE: Paternity and relationship testing performed following a viability test require additional processing time and fees. Review the unusual sample fee schedule for pricing and success rate of samples.



Non-Chain of Custody Requirements

Typically, unusual samples are collected by tested parties without a chain of custody. As a result, the case is processed as a non-legal or non-chain-of-custody test. 



  • Review Unusual Sample List for success rates of various samples

  • If providing an unusual sample, collect the sample as instructed on the list


Examples of requirements for unusual samples

Hair: The laboratory cannot accept hair without roots. DNA obtained for paternity or relationship testing comes from the root of the hair and we need as many hairs as possible

Nails: We require 5-10 clippings

Without proper sampling, we may not have enough sample to yield a DNA profile for testing.

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