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Three Shelties

Dog Parentage Verification

This test confirms the parentage of a litter.

How can I be Certain of my Recent Litter’s Dog Parentage?

Do you have doubts about the parentage of a recent litter? Is it possible you may have a multiple-sired litter? Would you like to offer your purchasers DNA-certified pedigrees? Parentage for dogs can be definitively established using PCR technology to compare allele sizes.

Dog-parentage testing is fast, affordable, and accurate.

Truth DNA uses a 16-DNA marker panel for routine parentage testing and keeps an additional 12 markers in reserve for extended testing in cases involving closely-related dogs.

The testing fee is $58 per sample; for example, if a sire, dam and 1 progeny (puppy) are tested, the total fee for 3 dogs is $134. A typical test includes both parents; if the dam or sire is missing, please call us for more information about testing options.

You are emailed a detailed Parentage Report showing inclusion or exclusion of each sire tested along with a DNA Profile summary page.


Results are reported as:

  • Parentage qualifies (inclusion of sire and dam): both the sire and dam matched the progeny (puppy) at all 16 DNA markers


  • Parentage does not qualify (exclusion of sire, dam is included) : the dam matched the progeny (puppy), but the possible sire did not match the progeny and is not the sire


DNA results are emailed within 10 business days, once all samples are received at the laboratory.

Your dog-parentage test kit includes:

  • Sterile DNA-collection swabs

  • Complete instructions

Postage-paid return envelope (if mailed in the U.S.)

Test Highlights:


Name: Dog Parentage

Cost: $58 + S&H per Dog

DNA Samples: Collected at Home Using Cheek Swabs

Results: 10 Business Days after Receipt of Samples

Breeder Concierge Service


If you need assistance ordering, you're welcome to call us directly at 800.384.6DNA or email our team using the form on this page. We'll get back to you as soon as possible to help you place your order!

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