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Motherless Paternity.

DNA Testing.


Who needs to be tested?

  • One Child and One Alleged Father (AF)

Turnaround Time

  • 1-2 business days from receipt of all samples

NOTE: One (1) business day is express service which carries an additional fee.



Chain-of-Custody Requirements

Chain-of-custody requirements must be fulfilled for test results to be defensible in any legal situation. These requirements include the following:

  • Samples are collected by a neutral third party, with no interest in the outcome of the test.

  • The individuals tested are positively identified (i.e., they present a government-issued ID to be photocopied and/or they are photographed and fingerprinted)

  • A standard DNA Diagnostics Center kit is used

  • Each party completes and signs a Client Identification and Consent Form (COC-4002-CA)

  • Guardianship of tested minor must be verified at the time of signing consent

  • The kit may not be in the possession of the clients prior to or after being collected

Non-Chain of Custody Requirements

In a non-chain of custody test, samples are collected by the patients themselves. The results of this test are for personal knowledge only and may not be used for legal purposes.

  • An in-home kit is used, and buccal samples are collected by the patients themselves

  • Since the origin of the samples cannot be verified, names are listed on the report in the same way they are labeled on the samples.  If names are illegible, the report will only contain the roles (Child, Alleged Father, etc)

  • A unique barcode is assigned to each kit and appears on the report as a reference for the case


  • If the mother is unwilling to be tested but can accompany the child to the collection, request that she provide consent for the minor child. Her signature and consent give her access to the case with questions or concerns, a copy of the paternity results, and a full chain of custody, if requested. 

  • Although it is possible to determine paternity without the mother, there are unique situations in which the laboratory may require the mother’s sample to be collected. These situations include (but are not limited to) cases with alleged fathers who share a close biological relationship.

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