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IV Magnesium Therapy

Truth DNA provides IV Magnesium therapy to increase magnesium levels safely in the body. IV Magnesium has been used in the treatment of migraine headaches, asthma, eclampsia, preeclampsia, muscle spasms, anxiety, and a variety of other conditions that magnesium may or may not be depleted in.

Truth DNA IV Vitamin Therapy offers magnesium injections as well as Magnesium IV drips in the comfort of our office as well as via house calls in the comfort of patients home.  

What role does magnesium play in the body?

Doctors can prescribe magnesium for a number of ailments. Being a mineral that is crucial to the proper functioning of several parts of the body and a necessary factor in over 300 enzyme systems (like protein synthesis, blood pressure regulation, and nerve function), maintaining proper levels of magnesium is important for overall good health. Magnesium is also used to maintain a steady, normal heart rhythm because it helps transport calcium and potassium ions across the cells, a process important to muscle contraction and impulse conduction.

What foods contain magnesium?

Magnesium is commonly found in many different types of food sources. Leafy green vegetables, whole grains, and food high in dietary fiber are generally good sources of magnesium. Unfortunately, most people don’t consume all the good types of food necessary for the body to get all of the magnesium that it needs to function at peak levels.

Benefits of IV Magnesium

Intravenous magnesium injections can replace deficiencies in magnesium levels while providing a “warm” and relaxing feeling. Patients who receive IV Magnesium therapy state that they feel relaxed and destressed and sleep better at night. Athletes receive magnesium to speed up recovery and muscle fatigue. Many patients add IV magnesium to other IV therapies such as a Myers cocktail for the rush feeling that they receive and enjoy.

Intravenous magnesium replacement offers several benefits over the oral consumption of magnesium through food or supplements in pill form. For starters, IV magnesium therapy allows patients to receive high doses of magnesium at once, without the need to eat uncomfortable amounts of food or to keep track of food consumed.

Why IV Magnesium Therapy?

If you’re someone who is sensitive to pills, either because you have trouble swallowing or because pills give you nausea or upset stomach and struggle with certain deficiencies, then you will definitely enjoy IV vitamin therapy. Some patients also do not absorb magnesium or suffer from decrease retention of magnesium. Patients who receive intravenous vitamin injections generally report a positive experience with little to no discomfort and describe a relaxing feeling after receiving IV Magnesium push or drip. Patients are fully awake and aware for their IV vitamin therapy sessions, which usually last between 20 and 30 minutes, and most use the time to make phone calls, work on a laptop or tablet, or just relax with a good book.

Side effects of IV Magnesium Therapy

As mentioned, most patients have a positive reaction to IV magnesium therapy, but certain rare side effects have been reported. Those side effects are usually due to the rapid intake of magnesium that occurs during an IV injection, and they have included skin irritations, flushing sensation. Depending on how magnesium is administered patients can feel the warm feeling throughout the body which some people enjoy greatly and some do not like.

IV Administration of Magnesium vs Oral intake

Perhaps the biggest benefit to intravenous magnesium injections is the fact that the mineral remains more potent and undiluted when it is injected than when it is swallowed in food or pill form. This is because the digestive system of the human body, the stomach, and liver specifically, break down vitamins and minerals that are orally consumed and only allow a fraction of the vitamin or mineral to be absorbed into the body. By avoiding the digestive system, IV magnesium therapy injects magnesium directly into the bloodstream for a quicker and stronger effect.

Causes of Magnesium Deficiency

When magnesium levels fall below normal, those levels have to be replenished in your body with more magnesium. There are a number of reasons why magnesium levels in the body may become depleted; from alcohol abuse and diarrhea to Chron’s disease, stress, regular consumption of caffeinated beverages, taking calcium supplements, illness, poor diet, cancer, and more The medical staff at Truth DNA IV Vitamin Therapy can run tests to find out how optimal your current magnesium levels are and how much replacement your body needs.

Conditions Magnesium Therapy Benefits

Depending on your specific health needs, IV magnesium therapy may be prescribed to help with healthy blood flow, certain conditions affecting the heart and blood, Lyme disease, ADHD, asthma, migraines, chronic muscle cramps, and even restless leg syndrome.

Because of its ability to help with healthy bone growth, magnesium may also be prescribed to men and women of mature age to help rebuild bone loss due to aging and/or osteoporosis.

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