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How It Works
Truth DNA Diagnostics?


Medical laboratory testing is one of the most effective and proven methods for preventing and detecting disease.

Now everyone can buy affordable blood tests online from Truth DNA Diagnostics Lab. We provide low-cost, direct-to-consumer testing, saving you up to 85% off the retail price of lab tests!

Take control of your health care costs by buying your wellness lab tests from Truth DNA, the only direct labs provider that offers low-price and customer satisfaction guarantees. Pay online, go to the same convenient lab locations and receive the same lab-analyzed results. And Truth DNA Diagnostics strictly adheres to Privacy and HIPAA Policies so no one will see your results unless you authorize it.

A doctor's visit to get the order for online discount blood work is not required and prompt, results are guaranteed. A cheap blood test for as little as $20 could save your life.
Shop Online Now, find out How to Order or just call 1-888.995.4DNA.


Search for your tests using the Search box or by Categories on the menu bar. Add required tests to the cart then click Proceed to Checkout and you will be prompted to Register or Login to complete your order. The Lab Order is immediately generated and contains the doctor's order required by the lab. Just follow the on-screen instructions for accessing your Lab Order and/or receiving your Home Test Kit (if included in your order). You will also receive an order confirmation email that explains this process.


You must take a printed copy of the Lab Order with you to the lab. If you haven’t printed the lab order, log in to your account and print if from your Confidential Lab Record. Prior to visiting the lab, please see the long description of each test ordered and be sure to follow preparation instructions. Use our Lab Locator if you need to select your lab location or make an optional appointment.


You will receive an email notifying you when your results are available online. Many results will be available within 1-2 days but others may take longer. Please see the long description of each test ordered to know when to expect your results. Access your Confidential Lab Record by logging in to your account. There you can display, save, print, and even fax your results to your personal physician if desired.


Order blood tests online and take charge of your health and your wallet!

Truth DNA offers direct access to blood work and lab testing that's cheap and provides confidential results. Buy any lab test now with or without insurance and Truth DNA provides the doctor’s order.

We offer a wide variety of lab tests including Thyroid-stimulating Hormone (TSH) Blood Test, Hepatitis Antibody tests, vitamin and nutrition, cholesterol lab tests, and many more categories.

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