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Truth Ancestry Paternity Test

Home Paternity.

DNA Testing.

When you want DNA paternity answers for personal knowledge and peace of mind.

Is a Home Paternity Test Right for Me?

If you don’t anticipate needing results for court or for other legal reasons, then a home paternity test kit is a perfect choice. The kit contains all the materials needed for testing, plus a trackable postage-paid mailer. Once your kit arrives, you swab all test participants in the comfort of home—no visit to a clinic required. Then seal the sample envelopes and send them off to our lab. It’s just that simple! The report is posted to your secure online account 1-2 business days after all samples have been received at the lab.  Still not sure if this is the right test for you? Contact our experts today for a free consultation. 1.888.995.4DNA

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When you need Home Paternity Test experts.


Truth DNA Diagnostics performs thousands of at-home paternity tests a year, and you can be sure your results are accurate for the samples we are provided to test. Testing is fast, secure, and reliable.

Starting at $249

For more information call 888.995.4DNA

Home Paternity Testing: How It Works

If you want accurate paternity answers fast but don’t need results for legal reasons like child support or custody, order a home DNA paternity test kit from Truth Ancestry DNA. A home DNA paternity test is for personal knowledge and peace of mind only.

  1. ORDER ONLINE: We ship the complete DNA-collection kit to your address

  2. COLLECT DNA & SHIP TO THE LAB: You collect DNA in the comfort of your own home with a simple cheek swab and mail it directly to our CLIA-certified laboratory for processing.

  3. VIEW RESULTS ONLINE: Results are available online in as few as 24 hours*, once testing begins. *Extra time may be necessary due to COVID-19

How It Works:

IMPORTANT:  At-home DNA testing is not regulated like legal testing. Many online companies appear legitimate, but farm out their tests to unregulated labs or ship your DNA samples out of the U.S. for cheaper processing. Be careful because cheap testing often means cheap testing methods. Don’t take a chance on your life-changing paternity test. All Truth Ancestry tests are processed at DDC, our highly-accredited lab near Cincinnati, Ohio. 

For more information call 888.995.4DNA

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Home Paternity
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