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SpermCheck Fertility

Home Sperm DNA Test for Men

Trying to Get Pregnant?

It takes two—check your man’s sperm count with our male fertility test.

Why SpermCheck Fertility?

FDA-cleared SpermCheck Fertility is a first step in male fertility testing that can help inform a man whether or not more comprehensive clinical fertility evaluation is needed—and the test is performed in the comfort of home!

Sperm count changes over time due to lifestyle, stress levels—and even the weather. Use SpermCheck Fertility every 90 days while trying to conceive to stay informed on your fertility status. It’s fast, accurate, and convenient—plus, it’s FSA- and HSA-eligible.

Male infertility causes up to 50% of the problems with getting pregnant. Don’t guess about sperm count—know for sure with this easy fertility test for men.



Our fertility test for men helps ensure sperm count is optimal for conception. 


  • The at-home SpermCheck Fertility test indicates whether a man has normal or low sperm count levels. It works like a home pregnancy test, easy-to-read results are ready in minutes, and best of all—it’s private; no embarrassing doctor’s visit!

For more information call 888.995.4362

Lab Experiment

Checking sperm count at home has never been simpler.

For more information call 888.995.4362

More about this Test

Recommended by the American Pregnancy Association. 


  • Since 2010, hundreds of thousands of couples who are trying to conceive and many healthcare providers have trusted SpermCheck Fertility for accurate and convenient testing in the comfort and privacy of home. We are proud to be recommended by the American Pregnancy Association.

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