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Why glutathione is important and what is its role in our bodies?

Perhaps one of the most powerful and beneficial nutrients that can benefit the human body, glutathione is not a nutrient that many people hear about or know anything about. A powerful antioxidant that can be found within each and every cell, the benefits of glutathione include its ability to help the body fight off free radicals, which can become harmful if allowed to accumulate in the blood.

Glutathione is so important because, since it can be found within each and every cell, it actually helps cells stay healthy and function properly from the inside out. For those who want to make sure that they have enough glutathione in the body to stay healthy, glutathione supplements may be a good idea, but not in the form of glutathione pills like many people might think.

IV Vitamin Therapy is a full-service medical clinic offering glutathione by intravenous injection and intramuscular injection, a far superior method for introducing glutathione to the body without the need for swallowing pills that are generally not as effective.

Benefits of Glutathione

Not only is glutathione prescribed for its benefits as a powerful antioxidant, it is also often prescribed to individuals battling illnesses ranging from chronic fatigue and asthma to cancer, heart disease, and AIDS.

In what circumstances do glutathione levels in our bodies decrease in?

Glutathione levels decrease with stress, unhealthy food intake, smoking, alcohol, chronic illnesses, and more. Glutathione assists in detoxification and taking pressure off the liver and is particularly beneficial in patients who smoke cigarettes or consume alcohol because these behaviors drastically decrease our body’s glutathione stores.

In patients already battling these conditions, glutathione has been shown to help patients manage and sometimes eliminate certain symptoms of these conditions. Of course, patients don’t have to suffer from one of these serious conditions in order to experience the benefits of glutathione because this nutrient has been shown to help healthy patients reduce the risk of contracting a more serious condition like those mentioned. Glutathione also has many skin benefits and has been used in skin whitening, treatment of acne, and more.

Glutathione Supplements

With all of the benefits that glutathione has to offer to those who receive the nutrient on a regular basis, it’s no wonder why people who want to live as healthily as possible take glutathione supplements on a regular basis – unfortunately, many people assume that glutathione pills are the most effective way to receive the nutrient. This is not true. The most effective way to receive glutathione is by intravenous injection, which is the direct injection of glutathione into the bloodstream through a basic IV drip. When a person takes glutathione pills, the nutrient is forced to pass through the stomach and the liver before it can be delivered into the bloodstream – which is the number one reason why pills are not the preferred method of glutathione introduction. The stomach and the liver actually degrade the potency and effectiveness of any nutrients which are consumed, which means that when a person consumes an amount of glutathione orally, only a fraction of the actual nutrient ever makes it into the bloodstream.

IV Vitamin Therapy

As a full-service, upscale, boutique-style medical office specializing in IV vitamin therapy, IV Vitamin Therapy offers its patients nutrients for intravenous injection – including glutathione – made from the finest medical-grade ingredients currently available to the medical industry. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can educate you about every aspect of IV vitamin therapy and are ready and willing to answer any questions that you may have.

What if you have never received an IV vitamin drip in the past?

If you have never received IV vitamin therapy, there’s nothing to worry about. After an initial consultation with a physician, patients will be prescribed doses of nutrients like glutathione suitable for intravenous injection. Once prescribed, patients have the option of receiving their prescribed injections in our modernly designed and calm medical office, or in the comfort and privacy of a home or office thanks to our convenient concierge house call service.

Contact IV Vitamin Therapy today for more information on how to schedule your glutathione IV vitamin therapy session.

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