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Drug Testing

Truth Ancestry DNA offers many different types of drug testing, such as urine testing, hair testing, breath alcohol, and specialty testing. We can test for hundreds of different types of drugs, alcohol, and unknown substances. When you order a test through Truth Ancestry DNA, you can rest assured you are in good hands. We only use SAMHSA certified labs and all of our laboratory-based testing is signed off by an MRO (Medical Review Officer). Our drug testing centers are here to provide you with the highest quality testing for all major drugs, as well as any less common drugs you may need testing for.

We are able to offer urine, hair, alcohol, and specialty testing at our 20,000+ collection sites nationwide. We are conveniently located in almost every city in the United States, and ordering a test is always quick and easy.

Whether you are looking to send an employee for a pre-employment test or you have to perform a court-ordered test, we would be glad to help you out. Our SAMHSA certified labs will follow proper procedures to ensure that all of our tests are valid. We also offer services to ensure that you are in compliance with the Department of Transportation, specifically DOT 5-panel urine tests and breath-alcohol testing.

However, if you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call at 888.995.4DNA and we can provide you with the information and assist in scheduling the panel you are needing.

Urine Drug Testing

Truth Ancestry DNA offers laboratory-based (with MRO review) urine drug and alcohol testing and instant drug testing. We offer many different urine panels, including the 5 panel, 10 panel, Expanded Opiates (commonly abused prescription drugs), alcohol, EtG, K2 Spice, performance-enhancing drugs, and more. We also offer instant drug testing panels with negative results reported the same day. Most urine drug test results are reported within 24-72 business hours after the collection has been completed.

Alcohol/ETG Testing

Truth Ancestry DNA is one of the very few places to offer both alcohol and ETG urine and hair drug testing. These panels are most commonly used for legal purposes, which makes choosing a credited company to help with your testing important! We also offer breath alcohol testing for companies that are a part of the DOT (Department of Transportation) or NON-DOT companies that would like to perform random or reasonable suspicion alcohol testing.

Hair Drug Testing

Truth Ancestry DNA offers laboratory-based (with MRO review) hair drug testing. We offer panels such as the 5 panel, 5 panel + expanded opiates (commonly abused prescription drugs), 9 panel, 12 panel, 14 panel, and alcohol panel. Our hair drug testing panels go back up to 90 days, but some panels are able to test back up to one year. We're able to do hair drug testing from head or body hair (underarm, arm, leg, or facial). All our hair drug tests are observed tests, making it very difficult for a donor to cheat.

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Instant Drug Testing

If you need drug test results immediately, call Truth Ancestry DNA. Most of our locations are able to perform immediate drug testing, with negative same-day results. Instant drug testing is available for employers and personal drug testing. Sometimes an instant drug test may need further confirmation at one of our laboratories. The specimen will be tested and the results will be reviewed by an MRO and reported to you.


Drug Testing

Drug & Alcohol
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