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Dog DNA Testing

Pet DNA Test

Providing high-quality, fast, and affordable dog DNA testing.


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Order Dog DNA Tests by Breed.

In our state-of-the-art laboratory, we perform dozens of validated DNA tests for hundreds of breeds: Type in your dog’s breed and hit "Search" to see the possibilities. For dogs of unknown descent, type “mixed breed."

Inherited-Disease Screening


  • We offer multiple tests identifying dogs that are carriers for inherited diseases. This knowledge is especially helpful for breeding programs..

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Inherited-Traits Screening


  • These dog DNA tests support breeding programs by identifying canines that are carriers for inherited traits such as coat color, curl, and more.

Parentage Verification


  • This dog DNA test certifies the authenticity of pedigrees and results provide definitive genetically-confirmed proof of parentage.

Three Shelties
Golden Dog

DNA Profiling


  • DNA profiling is the most accurate and reliable method for securing permanent identification of your dog in cases of loss or theft.

Dog Breed Identification


  • Not sure which breeds are in your “designer pooch?” This mixed-breed dog identification test can tell you! Price also includes a unique wellness plan.



Are you testing for AKC or OFA? Please know we do not have any affiliations with breed registries, so these results are not guaranteed to meet their requirements. Please check with your registry to see what DNA testing they require and accept. We also cannot submit results to these agencies on your behalf. Your information with us is privacy-protected.

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