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Aunt / Uncle DNA Testing.

This test is a good option when the father is not available for testing, and the only relative available is a single (brother or sister) of the father.

DNA from an Aunt or Uncle can Help Answer a Paternity Question

Do you need to confirm a biological relationship between a child and an aunt or uncle to help determine paternity? When a possible father isn’t available for paternity testing, one or more of his siblings can participate instead. The child’s mother is encouraged to add her DNA to the test as well since it expedites analysis and can help produce more conclusive results. Results are posted to your secure online account 5 business days after all samples are received at the lab. The report can be for personal knowledge only, or it can be used in court if you choose to do legal testing.

Mother and Daughter

Reasons to get an Avuncular DNA Test. 


  • To confirm the truth about a biological relationship

  • Medical history

  • Social Security benefits

  • Inheritance claims

  • Immigration cases

  • Insurance claims

  • Results are completely confidential, and your private genetic information is never shared with or sold to outside parties.

For more information call 888.995.4DNA

Lab Experiment

Our experts can help determine the best avuncular DNA-testing choice for your unique situation.

Testing Options for Avuncular DNA Testing


Legal: Legal results for this type of testing can be submitted to court as legal proof of a biological relationship. Truth DNA coordinates DNA-sample collection at an approved location near you. The professional collector then compiles all identification, completes paperwork for the test, and sends the package to Truth DNA for testing.

Personal Knowledge: If you need avuncular DNA testing results solely for peace of mind and not for legal reasons, you have the option to collect your DNA at home and send it to Truth DNA for testing. Keep in mind results are not court-admissible.

TIP: If you think you may need results for court in the future, we suggest you do a legal test in the first place so you only have to test once.

For more information call 888.995.4DNA

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