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GPS Origins® African Ancestry Test

DNA Testing.

For individuals of African descent, this DNA test for ancestry offers the deepest insights. Pinpoint your ancestry—even to the town or city—with the highest- resolution DNA test available.

TruthDNA Learn the basics of where your ancestors came from and discover the current population groups with which you have the most in common.

Pinpoint your African ancestry today!

For individuals of African descent, GPS Origins® African Edition offers the deepest DNA-driven insights. Your African heritage is deciphered from 11 African–specific gene pools and informative ancestry markers from more than 100 African populations throughout the continent—more than any other autosomal DNA test. You receive your detailed African ethnicity and your full ethnic profile in percentages. Gain access to your ancestors’ migration routes going as far back as 2,000 years, along with anthropological stories explaining the movement of your DNA over time.

This advanced genetic test provides date stamps and longitude and latitude coordinates to help you see towns and villages where the journeys of your ancestors and their DNA intersected. For the first time ever, you will experience the emotion and excitement of connecting with your past and discover what shapes your identity today.

  • 11 out of 41 gene pools analyzed tie to the African continent.


        The Kalahari

      • African Bushmen

      • Hadza

      • African Pygmies

      • Nile Valley Peoples

      • The Horn of Africa

      • Southern Ethiopia

      • Bantu Africa and the Niger-Congo Areas

      • West Africa

      • Madagascar

      • Northwestern Africa

  • Reference points from thousands of Africans linked to over 100 African population groups

  • Just a simple cheek swab to collect your DNA sample

  • Major U.S. laboratory with the highest certifications and credentials

  • You maintain complete control over your DNA and data forever

Kit Contents:

  • Easy-to-follow instructions

  • Cheek swabs for DNA collection

  • Postage-paid envelope for returning samples to the lab (U.S. customers only)

For more information call 888.995.4DNA

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